Church of England Primary School

iconiconBlaby Stokes Ofsted Report December 2012

Queens Road,
Blaby, LE8 4EG

Tel: 0116 2772082

Blaby Stokes Profile


This is a co-educational school for children in the 4+ to 11 age range. The school is a C. of E. (Controlled) Primary School, which means it is affiliated to the Church of England but controlled by the local authority. The school occupies two buildings (built during the 1960’s about 80m apart) set amid spacious grounds which cater for a wide range of sporting activities and accommodating environmental and wildlife areas. HeadlandsInfantsSchool and StokesJuniorSchool were amalgamated in May 1980 as StokesC.E.Primary School.

Following our OFSTED Inspection in May 2007 Stokes School was praised by OFSTED for being a school where “Enrichment of the satisfactory curriculum is outstanding and as result, pupils' personal development and well-being are good. A key contributory factor to pupils’ enjoyment of school and their good behaviour is the excellent range of clubs and other activities that are offered to them.”


Class sizes vary from year to year depending upon the number in each year group. The number in each year group will also determine whether children are grouped in single or mixed age groups.

At Stokes we have:

RECEPTION Known as the FOUNDATION STAGE until the children join Year 1

KEY STAGE 1 - (Infants) - Year 1 Age 5/6

Year 2 Age 6/7

KEY STAGE 2 - (Juniors) - Year 3 Age 7/8

Year 4 Age 8/9

Year 5 Age 9/10

Year 6 Age 10/11