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Leicester Lions!


The children were treated to a visit from Mick Everitt and Lenny the Lion who were representing the Leicester Lions Speedway Team.

Whilst Lenny danced and high-fived the children, Mick told everybody about life as a speedway rider. He showed exciting video clips of some of the races, as well as some of the crashes!

Isabelle had the chance to try on the heavy and expensive protective clothing – it was all a bit too big for her!

We would like to say a big thank you to Mick, Lenny and all of the Leicester Lions Speedway team for supporting our school house point system!


Play on the Pitch!


We are proud of the supportive nature and inclusive ethos of our school and our ability to provide different opportunities for individuals. We were very pleased when LCFC offered a 20 week football program for some of our children who have worked with our Pastoral mentor this year. The children were given an opportunity to attend a tournament arranged by LCFC at the King Power Stadium, where other schools also participated. The children had a good time and benefited from this experience.


Backing the Blues at Blaby Stokes! 29.04.16


On Friday 29th April we showed our support for LCFC by ‘Backing the Blues’ to celebrate the success that Leicester City have had this season which led them to becoming champions of the Premier League!

We had a special assembly where we watched highlights from one of the matches and we wished LCFC good luck for the Premiership title!

We would also like to say a huge thank you to Neil Plumb for donating LCFC flags and t-shirts for us to give out as prizes. Neil also let us see the shirt worn by Christian Fuchs which was given to him after the match against West Ham. Thank you!

Well done LCFC!


New House Point System at Blaby Stokes!


After lots of hard, we can finally reveal the results of our recent ‘house point revamp’! The whole process took just over a term and here’s how we went about it: 


1. The School Council were given the task of revamping the House Point system. 

2. We checked with the Governing Body to make sure there were no objections to changing the system or the house names. 

3. Children and staff were invited to suggest new names for the Houses and put these into the suggestion box. 

4. We created an online survey for children, parents and staff to complete. The School Council worked with the Governing Body to try out the survey. 

5. The survey results gave us great feedback and we took the top five name choices into the next stage of the process. 

6. The children in each class voted on their favourite suggestion for the house names from the top five. 

7. The School Council analysed the results of the online survey and counted up the votes from the children. 

8. Leicester sports teams were the clear winners! The Houses are now called Riders, Lions, Tigers and Foxes after four of Leicester’s sports teams (Riders – basketball, Lions – speedway, Tigers – rugby and Foxes – football/cricket 


We now have a new House Points display in the foyer to introduce the new names and celebrate the achievements of pupils across the school. 

As well as having new team names, the House Point system has undergone a couple of other changes too… 

* Children from the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One will now be included, alongside Key Stage Two 

* Teaching staff and teaching support staff will be placed into houses to increase the level of competition 

* We have a brand new House Point tokens and a fantastic token collection unit 


Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project; you’re feedback is very important and it has helped to shape the future of our reward system. 

What about the old house names? In order to maintain the history of the previous house names, it would be nice to teach the children about the people they were named after. If you have any information about Biggs, Rogers, Tyffin or Duke, and their significance to the school and to Blaby in general, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact the school office here.


The Queen’s 90th Birthday! 21.04.16

Changing-of-Ground.jpgOn Thursday 21st April, Blaby Stokes joined in with the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations. The children and staff dressed up to mark the occasion and the school was awash with red, white and blue! There were also lots of queens, princesses, princes, guards and knights!

We kicked off the day with a special assembly led by Mr Little, He told the children lots of fun facts about the Queen, including the fact that she has six thrones! We also watched a film clip about the Trooping of the Colour, which is the military parade to mark the official birthday of the Sovereign.

Finally, the whole school stood to sing the National Anthem, accompanied on the piano by Mrs O’Hara.


Changing of The Guard >

National Anthem >

Whole School Assembly >


KidZania! 17.03.16

On Thursday 17th March, 30   children went to Kidzania in London. Kidzania is a child sized city where children are in charge. There are 60 real life role play activities including being a Firefighter, a DJ, Courier and a Paramedic. It took two and a half hours to get there by coach which, is never the most enjoyable part of the journey. When we got to Kidzania we were checked in and were given security bracelets and 50 Kidzos which we could spend on activities or merchandise. Then we got split up into groups who went round together. I was in Mrs Lingard’s group with Kaeden, Sourianna, Emma and Aimee. We went to the television studio where you shoot your own news show and the Music Studio and were DJ’s. After lunch we were allowed to split of in little groups. I went with Emma and we went to be Paramedics and we learnt about splints and how to treat burns and fractures. We also went to an emergency with a fire at a Hotel with the Police and the Fire Brigade. All in all we all had an amazing day and I would definitely recommend it to others.

By Isabelle N


Ready Steady Cook! 09.03.16

On Wednesday 9th march the members of Eco club got together to invite the parents to a special baking week. We were divided into groups and each group got to decide what they would like to bake for the adults. There were around 26 children who participated in this event.

Mrs Sharpe, Mrs Edge, Ms Feaver and Mrs Langham helped an awful lot with arranging this event and gratefully did the washing up at the end.  

Ready Steady Cook >

What We Made At Eco >


Ultimate Basketball Experience @ Leicester Riders Arena


Blaby Stokes have been building links with the Leicester Riders lately. Firstly, on Saturday 26th March many of our children participated in a fun coaching session at the arena before watching the Riders put on a superb performance against the Bristol Flyers.

Then, on Friday 15th April our year 5/6 mixed girls and boys team played a tournament at the Leicester Riders arena, qualifying for the semi-final play offs, before being lucky enough to watch the Leicester Riders lift the BBL title winning trophy after a thilling game against the Newcastle Eagles. 

Look out for more opportunities coming soon...


Pinocchio! 02.03.16


As part of our Book Week celebrations, the whole school was treated to a live production of Pinocchio this week!

It was a great show – here’s what the children had to say about it:

“It was funny when the fairy made Pinocchio's nose grow when he told a lie. My favourite part was when they were in the whale shark.” – Kolby 5TF

“Funny and I have no idea how the nose grew!”
– Noah 5TH

“I really, really enjoyed it!”
– Jessica 5TF

“It was quite excellent and there were funny and serious bits.”
– Abbie 5TF

“It was creepy when the eyes changed colour.” –
Bridie 5TF

“I liked the music when they all danced along. It was really funny when the girl turned into the tree.” –
Daisy 5TF


“I thought it was quite funny but also emotional. When they said that Pinocchio had died and was really upset. My favourite part was when the Blue Fairy was looking for someone to grant wishes to and she said ‘This will do!’”
– Adun 5TF

“I loved all of it, it was really funny. I loved the tree and when Pinocchio's nose went longer and longer and longer.”
– Evie 5TF

“The jokes were so bad they were funny, especially when they told jokes at the circus. My favourite part was when Silly Simon was screaming his head off and the fat elephants were trying to do ballet and were head-butting each other!” –
Poppy & Lyla 5TF

“My favourite part was when the school boy came out and said ‘Yo Yo Yo’ and Pinocchio copied him.”
– Josh 5TF


“It was brilliant. I liked it when he told the truth!” – James 4DL


“Best show ever!” – Alexia 4DL


“I liked the youngster, he was really funny and sang good songs. I think the whole thing was great and I really enjoyed it.” – Charlie 4DL


“It was funny! Because every time he told a lie his nose grew. Also it was sad because Pinocchio died but the blue fairy made him into a real boy.” – Maisie 3HE


I think the show was good but when Pinocchio was turning to life I was a bit scared. I think the moral of the show was to not tell lies because if you do you will be punished even worse than if you tell the truth.” – Billy 3HR


“It was brilliant!!! And the show taught us that we shouldn’t lie. If Pinocchio did lie his nose would grow so if he did tell the truth his nose would stay where it was eventhough he did tell a lie he told the truth.” Alex 3HR


“It was really funny. Pinocchio’s friend made me laugh.” – Daniel Y1


“I liked joining in with the songs and clapping. I knew some of the songs.” – Peony Y1


“I knew this story before.” – Jakub Y1


I liked when they came up and down the aisle. They did high 5’s.” – Billy Y1


Blaby Stokes Chefs!

Stokes-Chefs-Picture-Filler.jpgBudding chefs at Blaby Stokes have been cooking at home and sharing their recipes in class assemblies!

Click the links below to see some of their work:

Meal 1: Rebbeca's Meringues >

Meal 2: Daniel's Risotto >

Meal 3: Isabelle's Cheesy Pasta >

Meal 4: Izzy's Beef Stew >

Meal 5: Poppy and Paiges's Afternoon Tea >

Meal 5: Joel's Something Fishy >

Click the links below to see some pictures of their work:

Jack's Pizza >

Evie's Chicken Wraps and Home Made Wedges >


Foundation Stage - Mud Kitchen


Emily Edwards and Lizzy Rushton (2 parents) got together and formulated a plan to build Foundation Stage a ‘Mud kitchen’ – a huge undertaking as it turned out! So a really big thank you to them for their fantastic achievement. They would like to say a big thank you for donations from: Blaby Building Supplies - for pallet and hardboard donation. Sarah Sharman, for spotting the best pallet ever on the walk home from school! David Glover Tree Care, Bracknell Farm, Leicester - for tree log donations. The kind builders working in Blaby who transported the pallet to my house in their lorry when they saw me struggling to get it in my car! Many thanks again guys! Giles Rushton - for loan of tools! Laura Dangar for putting up with the smell of varnish in the kitchen for weeks! Pat Brennan and Sheila Garner - for donation of equipment for the kitchen. Chris Edwards - for donation of wood and tools. Mind charity shop, Blaby - for donations of pots and pans. Julia Thornton - for donation of material for bunting. Jon Adkins - for trailer transport to school.


Kung Hei Fat Choi! 08.02.16


The children at Blaby Stokes have been working hard to find out about the traditions and customs of Chinese New Year. This year is the Year of the Monkey and the children have been working on all kinds of art and design projects linked to monkeys and, of course, dragons! The art work that will be on display around the school includes dragon masks, traditional Chinese lanterns, monkey-inspired designs and a large paper-plate dragon! The children will share their work in a special assembly at the end of the week.


E-safety performance 05.02.16


On Friday 5th February, a theatre group came into our school to show us a play about internet safety. Here is what the children had to say about it:

“We thought that the e-safety performance was a great experience and was very funny. We hope that we will be able to see another great performance by the same company. We thought that the performance was very clear and that all of the messages were easy to understand. The key messages were:

1)                  Keep your information private

2)                  Only talk to friends and family on social media

3)                  Stop, block, tell or forward!”

By Isaac and Owen and all of 6KB.


Year 1 Zumba! 01.02.16


The Year 1 children at Blaby Stokes had a treat from a special visitor on Monday 1st February.  Lauren Ball of LB performers gave the children an introduction to Samba dancing as part of their topic about Brazil.  Both classes spent an hour with Lauren learning new skills and brushing up on existing dance techniques.  The pupils were taught how to use a variety of ribbons and make movements in time with the carnival music.

Lauren has years of experience teaching children at her own dance school as well as teaching Zumba to adults.  Her experience really came across as the children performed a fantastic dance routine in just under an hour.  The children rated this experience highly alongside eating popcorn whilst watching the film Rio and cooking and tasting a variety of Brazilian cakes.


Waitrose Community Matters Donation! Friday 29th January 2016


We would like to give a huge thank you Waitrose once again for their kind donation of £400! On Friday 29th January the check was presented to the school on Friday and was received by Mrs Kallquist and our talented group of ukulele players.

“By placing a token in the Community Matters box at your local branch you’re helping your community. Since its launch in 2008, the scheme has donated £14 million to local charities chosen by you.

At the end of your shop in branch, you’ll receive a token to place in a box of the good cause you’d most like to support. The more tokens a cause gets, the bigger the donation they receive. Each month every Waitrose branch donates £1,000 between 3 local good causes that you choose.”

We are delighted to be able to spend the money on some new musical instruments to support the children’s learning.


Young Voices! Monday 11th January 2016


On Monday 11th January, some of the children and staff from Blaby Stokes attended the Young Voices – the largest school concert in the world! The lights faded, thousands of torches illuminated the Genting Arena in Birmingham. The atmosphere was electric as 22 of our children joined over 6000 children from all over the country for a spectacular massed choir concert. Blaby Stokes can be really proud of our children, who sang their hearts out and demonstrated some amazing dance moves. 


Science Workshops 06.01.16


On Wednesday 6th January, to kick start our new topics, Years 3, 4 & 6 had some very exciting science workshops! Year 6 looked closely at a real ox heart and then worked in small groups to dissect and explore a sheep heart. The children worked fantastically and had an amazing understanding of the structure of the heart and how it works by the end. It looks like we have some budding surgeons on our hands! Year 4 took part in the 'Healthy hearts' workshop, where they looked at the effect of exercise on their heart rate and practised measuring their pulse. Finally, Year 3 took part in an electricity workshop, where they created a real life electric circuit, learnt about all of the parts and looked at how wind turbines work. It is was such a valuable opportunity to give children hands on Science experiences.

We all had a great time and enjoyed the exciting start of the year!


Christmas Carol Concert! Monday 14th December 2015


The carol concert was a success as we had a full hall and all the songs went well. All the soloists remembered when they had to sing or speak and the Foundation Stage sand their song without any words on the screen. There was lots of laughter, especially when the camel plodded on during the song, Travelling. It all went really well and for the year sixes it was a nice last carol concert.

Written by Isabelle Nevill


Pirates Versus Mermaids Christmas Play! Thursday 10th December 2015

Scene---Joanne.jpgCongratulations to all pupils and staff for putting on a superb show, 'Pirates versus Mermaids'.

 "Heave-ho and away we go on a fantastic musical journey, where the seven seas just aren't big enough for our pirates and mermaids! Filled with catch-of-the-day fresh songs and an adventure-packed script, the boys will show off their swaggers and the girls will sparkle - so hoist the sail and come aboard!"

Title - Freddie

Scene - Savannah

Poster - Joshua

Scene - Joanne

Poster - Jasmine

Details - Freya


The Lord Mayor’s Christmas Concert! Thursday 3rd December 2015


On Thursday 3rd Dec 2015 some of the children from Blaby Stokes took part in the Lord Mayor’s Christmas Concert at De Montfort Hall.

The event was a lively evening of music making, featuring from Leicester-Shire Schools Music Service, the LSSO, Wond Orchestra, Concert Orchestra, Taiko Drummers and a Massed Choir made up of Primary Schools from the City and County and also including the LSMS Junior Voices.

Steve Jones, a governor at our school, was in the audience at the concert and had this to say:

The Governors of the school would like to say a huge thank you to all the children that recently took part in The Lord Mayors Christmas Concert at De Montfort Hall. Some of us were lucky enough to be there on the night and we would like say congratulations to all of you. We had a really fun night and thoroughly enjoyed the whole concert. You all must have worked really hard practicing as you looked great and we could see that you were enjoying it as much as we were.

You were all very enthusiastic and were very well behaved. You are a credit to our school and to yourselves and I hope that those of you that are here next year will take part again and encourage others to join in by telling them how much fun you had.

We would also like to thank Mrs Philps, Mrs Askham and Miss Birchall for helping you all to practice and for looking after on the night.


Christmas Fair - Friday 4th December 6pm to 8pm


Thanks to all volunteers that made for another fantastic Xmas Fair on Friday 4th December. It was an evening packed full of Christmas fun!

Santa's Grotto - Secrets Room - Craft and Gift Stalls - Refreshments - Bottle Tombola - Chocolate Tombola - Turkey Cobs - Hot Dogs - Free Games and much more...


PUDSEY Live at Blaby Stokes! Friday 13th November 2015


Blaby Stokes pupils were treated to a surprise visit from Pudsey bear this morning, along with BBC Radio Leicester's Ben Jackson and team! With crazy hair all around it's looking like a fantastically fun, fundraising day for pupils and staff!

See Pudsey dancing in our assembly here >

BBC Radio Leicester Broadcast > (Blaby Stokes bit at 20mins 54 seconds)


Year 3 Girls Visit Leicester University! Thursday 12th Novemeber 2015


On Thursday 12th November, 10 girls from year 3 visited the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Leicester University. The trip was an exciting launch event as part of a partnership project to raise aspirations in science.

On arrival, we were greeted by Dr Tracey Dickens, the department outreach officer. Along with some of her colleagues and students, Tracey gave the children a fascinating tour of the science department and research laboratories. The children had the chance to ask questions about satellites, particularly SWIFT, the NASA-led satellite that discovers Gamma-Ray Bursts. The University of Leicester Department of Physics and Astronomy provided the X-ray camera for Swift!

After the tour, everyone was treated to drinks and biscuits before heading to the lecture theatre to see some exciting science in action. The children watched as the scientists used liquid nitrogen to freeze a number of different objects to discover what happens. From flowers and balloons to gummy bears and marshmallows, the children touched, tested and even tasted the results! Frozen sweets proved to be very popular!

After lunch it was back to the lecture theatre for a presentation about the magnificent Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. The children (and adults) learned that the Northern Lights are actually the result of collisions between gaseous particles in the Earth's atmosphere with charged particles released from the sun's atmosphere. Variations in colour are due to the type of gas particles that are colliding.

Finally, the children were treated to a spectacular light show with the aid of special glasses and a room full of cameras!

It was a fantastic day that was full of awe and wonder – hopefully it has inspired the next generation of scientists!

See more pictures from the science trip here >


Diwali Assembly! Thursday 12th November 2015


As part of Diwali celebrations, some of our staff and children organised an assembly on November 12th to share with the school information about Hindu customs and traditions. Thank you to the Shah family and Miss Chudasama.

See more pictures from the Diwali assembly here >


Fun & Families - Don't Miss Our Next Group - Book Now


The word has spread about about fantastic new 'Fun & Families' group! So don't miss out - last few places available. Start date is Monday 11th January.


This is a free 7 week group. There is 1 meeting per week, after school from 3.30pm to 5.30pm. We are looking into providing either free or subsidised childcare on site if required. Meetings include tea, coffee and snacks. Fun and friendly environment whilst learning some fantastic strategies to get the best out of your kids!

I'm interested:

Contact the office >

(We can call you back to give more information if required)

Email: >

More information and booking form > Fun and Families Leaflet >


Back to School - Tuesday 1st September 2015


Blaby Stokes would like to offer a warm welcome to all of our new Foundation Stage pupils and those pupils in other year groups that are new to the school. Welcome back year 1 to 6; we hope you all had a good summer!

More news coming soon...