SPRING 1 - 9th January to 9th February 2018

Spring 1 - Blood Heart

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Heart Dissection 

On the 11th January 2018, Year 6 tackled a science activity: dissecting a lamb’s heart. The heart is a crucial organ that every animal depends on for survival. Also, it pumps oxygenated blood and nutrition all around the body. We used a lamb’s heart due to sensitivity to other religions and its similarity to a human heart.

Overall, the experience was gruesome however we still enjoyed it!

Curriculum Enrichment

After our gruesome start to the topic we then moved on to developing a clear understanding of how the heart works within the circulatory system. To help us to understand this we needed to understand what blood is and what role does it perform in the body…so we made our own blood! From this blood we were able to analysis the different components and write a short report about what blood is.
Then to further our understanding we carried out a scientific investigation to establish the effect that exercise has upon our bodies. This lead to us writing clear and precise conclusions to sum up our findings.

Finding out about famous scientists 

We researched about and wrote reports on Karl Landsteiner, who was an Austrian-born American immunologist, physician and pathologist. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1930 for Physiology or Medicine for detecting the major blood groups and creating the ABO system of blood typing that revolutionized the process of blood transfusion and medical practice related to it.

Heart Leaflets

To show off all of our cardiac knowledge we created explanation leaflets all about the heart. Within these leaflets we aimed to make them ‘reader friendly’ by using devises such as rhetorical questions, a clear layout (using headings and subheadings) and to explain clearly the meaning of technical vocabulary.


For more a more detailed summary on this topic please feel free to look at the PowerPoint below!


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