AUTUMN 2 - 23rd October to 20th December 2017

Frozen Kingdom

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To start our topic we attempted to ‘grow’ our own ice crystals. We added the ingredients and left them to grow over night – then in the morning we observed the amazing crystal formations!

Curriculum enrichment

Fear, ice and endurance; in this topic we have been learning about the vast Polar Regions – the Artic and the Antarctic. Within this topic we have discovered the expeditions, rescues and teamwork that took place in the Antarctic over 100 years ago.

Firstly we look at where the Polar Regions were. The Artic is the Northern hemisphere and the Arctic is in the Southern hemisphere. We described where the Polar Regions are using geographical language and located them in an Atlas.

After we learnt all about the geographical poles, we dug deeper and discovered the renowned explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. In English, we looked at the numerous expeditions he made such as Shackleton’s last expedition, which was ill fated and full of hardship. We wrote biographies and newspaper articles.

We also looked at Inuit art- which is full of patterns, simple shapes and natural colours. Inuit art is made by Antarctic tribes on rocks, ivory and caves. In this topic, we have been inspired by Inuit art and made our own. The second piece of art work we created was based on the Northern Lights. We used Brusho and black sugar paper to create the foreground. Lastly we created a poem to show the colours and to show how the Northern Lights move across the sky.

Sharing with parents

In December we shared our learning with our parents by creating posters of all of our learning. In the hall parents visited our ‘Art Gallery’ to view our fantastic learning for this term.