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Year 6 Newsletter - Summer Term (2nd Half)


Year 6 Learning: A Child's War - Spring Term (2nd Half)


Year 6 had a fantastic trip to Beaumanor Hall to kick off our World War Two topic.
We dressed up as evacuees, intercepted German Morse code messages, went shopping for frugal war recipes, experienced a 1940s classroom and went down into an old air raid shelter to listen to messages and songs.

The children learnt so much from the trip and had a great experience too.

After our exciting trip to Beaumanor Hall, Year 6 went back in time and discovered how it might feel to be an evacuee during World War 2. We focused on history and key events as well as everyday life. In groups we created enormous timelines to show the build up to World War Two and Key events. As well as this, we used pictures to research the impact of the Blitz on everyday lives in large cities and we investigated toys that children would have played with such as dolls, spinning tops and cardboard aeroplanes!

As well as their work on World War Two, Year 6 have been reading the novel, Skellig by David Almond. They have thoroughly enjoyed the story and have written some of their own chapters.




Year 6 Newsletter - Spring Term (2nd Half)

Year 6 Learning: Blood Heart - Spring Term (1st Half)


The children have really enjoyed our Blood Heart topic where they have worked in teams to make heart models, blood samples and healthy salads. They have written the diary of a red blood cell as it travels around the body and produced some fantastic persuasive writing to persuade people to stop smoking.

We finished the topic by raising money for the British Heart Foundation. The children created exercise routines and invited parents and Year 5 children to take part.


Year 6 Newsletter - Spring Term (1st Half)

Year 6 Learning: Frozen Kingdom - Autumn Term (2nd Half)

Year 6 have really enjoyed our Frozen Kingdom Topic. The children started the topic by tasting different flavours of Ice Cream and investigated which of several insulators kept the ice cream the coldest. The children went out in small groups to plan and create their own ice cream.


The children covered many subjects. They learnt about the Aurora lights and wrote Haiku poems and drew beautiful pastel pictures. They learnt about Captain Robert Scott and his tragic journey to the South Pole and wrote an extract from his diary. They learnt about how animals have adapted to the life at the poles and wrote Arctic stories starring their favourite animal.


Finally everyone gathered (rather excitedly) to taste their ice cream creations.



Year 6 Newsletter - Autumn Term (2nd Half)

Year 6 Learning: I.D. - Autumn Term (1st Half)

Year 6 Memorable Experience-Identity

The first memorable experience of Year 6 began with the children looking at and discussing = mysterious substances in several petri dishes. Once it was explained that it was fruit DNA, they discussed what DNA was and how it might be extracted from a fruit.

They were then given a range of science equipment and some complex scientific instructions. The children worked in groups and, using the fruit they had brought in from home, were able to extract the DNA and put it into a petri dish for others to look at.