AUTUMN 2 - 23rd October to 20th December 2017


Y5 Newsetter (Aut 2) Stargazers >

Year 5 have had brilliant term learning all about Space in our Stargazers topic. 

To kick start our topic in a really exciting way, we were lucky enough to go to the Space Centre in Leicester. There, we learnt how to programme Mars Rovers, learnt lots when exploring the exhibition areas and found out all about astronauts in the Planetarium Show.

Our class novel for this half term was Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce. We wrote newspaper reports based on the highly unusual (and surprising) discoveries made by the first ‘official’ child to land on the moon.

During our topic lessons we have been extremely busy! We have done lots of art, including using a view finder to paint a detailed image of the moon. We also created paper mache models of the planets in groups and painted them to look like the planet. To show the relative size of the planets in comparison to each other, we used fruit and went outside to also show the relative distances of the planets to each other, which is quite hard to get your head around!

We also carried out research to learn more about the Moon, which helped us understand why we only ever see one side of the moon as well as why it’s shape appears to change throughout the month. We have carried out lots of fair tests in science, including testing which objects made the deepest craters as well as finding lots out about famous scientists Galileo and Isaac Newton. We concluded our topic by designing and making our own rockets.

Finally, at the end of the half term, we invited our parents in to share our models and all of our hard work, including PowerPoints to help teach them about our planet while also showing off our computing skills (hyperlinking pages within the presentations and to external websites).

Whew, we have packed in a lot!