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Year 5 Learning: Beast Creator - Summer (2nd Half)


Year 5 ended their year with an enjoyable topic – Beast Creator! We started the topic off getting up close with a range of minibeasts in the school grounds by going on a minibeast hunt! Following this, we discussed where we found minibeasts, why we thought they were there and what their habitats were like.

We have been keen scientists this half term, learning about minibeasts habitats and using classification and identification keys to sort minibeasts into different categories. We also learnt about the food chains and life cycles of different animals and chose our favourite minibeast to research in computing.

A highlight of this half term was our trip to Foxton Locks. Here we learnt lots about life on the canals, how the locks worked, more about minibeasts habitats and went pond dipping to see what we could find and classify!

This topic has also allowed us to be very creative and we have had great fun with Art and DT activities! We have produced some fantastic detailed line drawings of minibeasts, with some in the style of Charles Darwin and his insect drawings. To round off our topic, we designed and created a ‘super beast’ to exterminate the outbreak of super strong aphids! We had to think of the best features to include in this super beast and what their functions would be. We then enjoyed making 3D versions of these bugs out of paper mache and decorating them!







Year 5 Newsletter - Summer Term (2nd Half)


Year 5 Learning: Allotment - Summer Term (1st Half)


Year 5 enjoyed starting their Allotment topic by planting a variety of seeds.

We then chose to bury some everyday food items in compost to investigate decomposition rates; predicting which would decompose the most then examining the outcomes after five weeks. We were quite surprised by some of the results!

We also investigated different conditions required for seed germination by planting in different coloured propagators, with interesting outcomes! Our ability to work scientifically by making predictions, recording observations and forming conclusions is continually improving.

The topic of food miles really got us thinking about the choices we make when we go shopping; examining packaging labels carefully is a must to help protect the planet from unnecessary pollution. Learning about the scientific names for different parts of flowering plants was fun, especially dissecting real flowers.

A real highlight of our topic was the day we spent working with Chef Bruno. Learning how to prepare food safely and also how to make bread dough was fun and the end product (a roasted vegetable stromboli) was delicious.



Year 5 Newsletter - Summer Term (1st Half)

Year 5 Learning: Princes, Peasants & Pestilence - Spring Term (2nd Half)


The Year Five Spring Topic was called Princes, Peasants and Pestilence which taught the children all about the Plague from the 14th Century.  We really enjoyed finding out about the rapid spread of the disease and were quite shocked to hear about the symptoms and how quickly people who caught the plague would die.  In class, we grew our own bacteria on bread, testing to see which variables caused the most mould to grow!

As part of our topic we enjoyed making ‘Poor Man’s Soup’, which we shared with adults in our ‘medieval banquet’. A large focus for this was learning technically safe ways to chop the vegetables, avoiding accidents. We also made bread to accompany the soup; thinking about the role of the micro-organism yeast in this process.

We also studied narrative poetry from this time, learning about ‘The Highwayman’.  This led to some fabulous artwork and wonderful descriptive vocabulary.

Some excellent work from year 5 pupils, well done!



Year 5 Newsletter - Spring Term (2nd Half)

Year 5 Learning: Time Traveller - Spring Term (1st Half)


Although this half term has been quite short, we have packed a lot in and enjoyed our Time Traveller topic. For our memorable experience, we ‘went back in time’ for the day and came to school dressed as someone from a period of British History of our choice. We had everything ranging from the 60’s, punks, King Henry, Hippie’s, Florence Nightingale and many more! It was great fun and each child had to be interviewed in role – this helped us to learn a lot about different periods of History in a short amount of time!

We also had great fun investigating time travel and designed and made our own time machines. It was interesting thinking about where our time machine would take us!
In literacy, we have done lots of work based on flashbacks and the story of Tom’s Midnight Garden and the clock that struck thirteen. This has produced some lovely descriptive work. We have learnt about the cycle of human development and the changes that happen as we get older. We loved bringing in photos from home and talking to our parents to create chronological timelines of our lives so far and seeing how we have changed since we were babies! Finally, in Art we produced some fantastic paintings based on Salvador Dali’s famous ‘Clocks’ paintings.




Year 5 Newsletter - Spring Term (1st Half)

Year 5 Learning: Stargazers - Autumn Term (2nd Half)


Year 5 have had brilliant term learning all about Space in our Stargazers topic.
To kick start our topic, we were lucky enough to go inside the inflatable planetarium to learn all about the stars and planets and engage us with the topic. Our trip to the Space Centre also started off the topic in a really exciting way. We learnt how to programme Mars Rovers, learnt lots when walking through the exhibition areas and found out all about astronauts in the Planetarium Show.

During our lessons we have been extremely busy! We have done lots of art, including using a view finder to paint a detailed image of the moon. We also created papier Mache models of the planets in groups and painted them to look like the planet. To show the relative size of the planets in comparison to each other, we used fruit and went outside to also show the relative distances of the planets to each other, which is quite hard to get your head around!
In literacy, we have written space myths, space poems and newspaper reports about the First Moon Landing and carried out research to find out about the Moon, producing our own information leaflets. We have carried out lots of fair tests in science, including a testing which objects made the deepest craters as well as finding lots out about famous scientists Galileo and Isaac Newton.

We concluded our topic by designing and making our own rockets which we launched to see which would stay air bound for the longest.

Finally, at the end of the half term, we invited our parents in to share our models and all of our hard work!





Year 5 Newsletter - Autumn Term (2nd Half)

Year 5 Learning: Alchemy Island - Autumn Term (1st Half)


Year 5 have really enjoyed a trip to and our journey around Alchemy Island for our first Year 5 topic.

We began our topic with a visit from the Chief Alchemist who left us with a mysterious golden chest. Inside we found a map of the island with a key and a variety of samples that were collected from various points, including coloured sand from Rainbow Dunes and golden nuggets from the Fountain of Gold. In science, we spent time researching and investigating the properties of these materials and how they could be separated.

We have been very creative and busy in this topic! We have practiced our Geography skills by using co-ordinates to navigate around the map of Alchemy Island. We also wrote our own musical scores to represent one of the places on Alchemy Island. It was great fun experimenting with different sounds and even adding some of our own before performing them to the rest of the class.

In computing we planned and recorded our own Alchemy Island podcast, which we enjoyed a lot! Also, as part of our Literacy work, we wrote our own brilliant fantasy stories set on the island, which we enjoyed sharing with children in Year 2.
To finish off our topic, we designed and made our own Alchemy island board games. We planned and sketched the game, made a sheet of instructions and made all the resources to go with it! We enjoyed an afternoon sharing and playing these with our parents – they were great!



Year 5 Newsletter - 30th August 2016 to 14th October 2016