Blaby Stokes Year 4 Learning

Autumn 1 - 29th August to 13th October 2017

Click the link below to find what the children in Year 4 will be learning this half term. Their first topic is called Traders and Raiders

Y4 Curriculum letter Autumn 1: Traders & Raiders >

In year 4 this term we have looked at Vikings. This was a fun packed topic and the children learnt all about who the Vikings were, why they invaded Britain and how they lived.

The children researched lots of different facts using the computers and learning pads. This was presented in a variety of ways creating posters, fact files and presentations.

The children also researched Kings of England and how they lived alongside (or had fights) with the Vikings.
At the end of the topic the children learnt to write their own name using Viking runes and then parents were invited in to design and make shields.

Vikings 1.jpg

Vikings 2.jpg

Vikings 3.jpg

Vikings 4.jpg