AUTUMN 2 - 23rd October to 20th December 2017

Y4 Newsetter (Aut 2) Burps, Bottoms & Bile >

During our Burps, Bottoms and Bile topic, we learnt lots about the workings of the body. To start with, the children took on the role of Doctors, where they were given a patient and internal organs. They had to correctly place the organs into the body to make the patient well. We then looked at all the ‘operations’ and compared them to a patient who had all their organs in the correct place . . . Safe to say some of our year 4 doctors would still need a bit longer in medical school!

We also looked at hygiene and the importance of cleanliness to help us stay healthy and minimise the spread of germs. We carried out an experiment to show how germs can spread and breed on surfaces that have come in to contact with lots of hands, showing the importance of keeping our hands clean. We did this by handling 4 pieces of bread, each under a different control. All pieces were sealed in wallets and observed over a week.

Bread experiment:
Control – taken from packet wearing gloves
Clean – Taken from packets by hands that had been freshly washed
Handled – passed around the whole class/8 children.
Results after a week: