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Year 4 Learning: Road Trip USA! - Summer Term (2nd Half)


In our USA topic, we started with a flight to visit some of the states. All the children were given plane tickets, where they had to find their seat and row number. When they found their seats, they had to carefully look at the in-flight safety information, and listen to some in-flight rules from their stewardesses.

We took off, and the children had a real feeling of being on a plane, as they watched a video of a real flight taking off! Once landed safely, the first state was visited, where they were able to gather and learn many new and fascinating facts about the state. The information gathered during the whistle stop visits to the states, formed an important basis for the rest of the topic, as the information learnt would come in handy later on!

During the rest of the topic the children carried out map work, to identify the position of different states, and think about distance and changes in time zones. We created fact files about different states, and learnt state abbreviations and their capitals. We also looked at some of the USA famous land marks, where the children looked at history behind them, where they were located, and based on their research gave the landmark a rating on how much they would like to visit.

The final part of the topic we invited parents in to celebrate Independence Day. The children informed their parents all about the reason for Independence Day and which people were involved in signing the treaty and declaring independence. At the end of the afternoon the children all enjoyed a hot dog to celebrate!




Year 4 Newsletter - Summer Term (2nd Half)


Year 4 Learning: I Am Warrior - Summer Term (1st Half)


In year 4 this term we have looked at the Romans. This was a fun packed topic and the children learnt all about Roman soldiers, Roman Gods and how the Romans used to live.

The children researched lots of different facts using the computers and learning pads. This was presented in a variety of ways creating posters, fact files and presentations.

The children also researched Roman weapons and made their own catapult! They then tested these out for accuracy and distance using various sweets outside.

At the end of the topic the children also visited Lunt Roman Fort. This allowed the children to see what it would have been like to live in a Fort in Roman times. They had the opportunity to live life as a Roman soldier and carry out some battle drills, dressing up and working as a team to fight back the Celtic tribes!



Year 4 Newsletter - Summer Term (1st Half)

Year 4 Learning: Blue Abyss - Spring Term (2nd Half)


We have found out all about the immortal jellyfish, who when scared or threatened, turns back into a baby (polyp) and begins to grow all over again.
Deep deep down in the Abyss, we looked at some crazy bioluminescent creatures who light up the sea floor with their luminous light because it is so dark. We looked at a variety and picked ones that interested us to paint. We used luminous paints, to create our own disco lights of the Abyss scene.
We researched the famous sculptor; Jason deCaires Taylor, and looked at his underwater museums around the world. His sculptures depict people in everyday life situations. The sculptures are placed under water, to allow and encourage marine life and coral to evolve and establish. This then gives diving enthusiasts and tourists, an alternative to visiting the coral reef, allowing it to have some respite and recover. After our research, the children thought about and designed their own sculptures, of something that reflected everyday life. The children then used their designs to construct a clay model in the style of Jason deCaires Taylor.



Year 4 Newsletter - Spring Term (2nd Half)

Year 4 Learning: Burps, Bottoms & Bile - Spring Term (1st Half)


Memorable Experience
At the beginning of our ‘Burps, Bottoms and Bile’ topic, we pretended to be doctors and tried our best to put all of the organs back into a body! We then looked at healthy lifestyles and in P.E completed exercises which helped us to see how our heart rate changed. This is taking place over 5 weeks and hopefully we will see some improvements.
We also looked at teeth and the effects of food and especially sugar! We carried out an experiment using eggs and the shell of the egg, when left in vinegar, completely disappeared.

Curriculum Enrichment
We made poo because we were learning about the body, in particular the digestive system! We used different objects to represent the different parts that the food travels through.
First we mashed the food up, and then we added washing up liquid to it (which was the saliva).
After that, we poured vinegar in (stomach acid) and waited for a few minutes until it had all mushed up.
Finally we placed the food into the tights (intestines), we then cut a hole in the bottom and squeezed the food out- this completed our interesting and gruesome digestive system experiment!




Year 4 Newsletter - Spring Term (1st Half)

Year 4 Learning: Potions - Autumn Term (2nd Half)


This half term has been filled with different investigations and experiments for our potions topic.

First of all, we carried out an experiment looking at viscosity, we learnt that viscosity is to do with how thick liquid is. We set up our experiment using a ramp and different liquids to test which would be most viscous. We made predictions and made our test fair by using the same amount of each liquid, and ensuring the ramp measured the same angle from the wall each time. We timed how long it took each liquid to travel down the ramp, and recorded our results in a table.

Our second investigation was looking at the difference between solids, liquids and gases. We talked about the difference between the particles, and saw how these affected different objects by looking at balloons. Some were filled with air, some water and some were solid as they had been frozen. We made comparisons between the three, and looked at how they reacted under pressure.

We also looked at the effect of melting, how some solids can turn to liquid, and then back to a solid, this is called a reversible change. We saw this process through chocolate making! It was brilliant! Before we could go to make our chocolate, we had to collect our golden tickets from Mrs Oxbrough and Mr Little. We got to choose the flavours we put in, the choices were: jelly beans, orange/vanilla flavour, raisins and cinder toffee. We all brought in some moulds from home to put our chocolate in. Once we had filled the mould, we put it in the fridge to set. We put our chocolates in the boxes we had made for them, and added a label with the chocolate name, and a slogan. Finally, we evaluated our chocolates and more importantly got to taste them! They were delicious!

Our last experiment was our wizard’s brew, which we did in pairs. We looked at the reaction which took place when we mixed together; Vinegar, washing up liquid, food dye, glitter and bicarbonate of soda. When all ingredients were in, the liquid fizzed, frothed and bubbled, until it all rose up and came over the sides of our containers, like a volcano exploding! The reaction takes place because of chemicals from the vinegar and bicarbonate of soda mixing together.




Year 4 Newsletter - Autumn Term (2nd Half)

Year 4 Learning: Misty Mountains - Autumn Term (1st Half)


Memorable experience
As Year 4 arrived at school, they were shocked to find that their area had been taped off due to an angry Yeti breaking into their classrooms. As Police investigators, they examined the evidence left by the yeti. A smashed window, ripped books, tables overturned was just some of the evidence left by the Yeti.
Following this, Year 4 formed a debate, discussing whether yeti existed or not. In the courtroom, using their gathered information, they voiced their opinions / used evidence to convince the judge and jury of their thoughts. In conclusion, the jury, along with the help of Year 4 decide that yetis do exist!

Enriching experiences
Throughout the Misty Mountains topic, Year 4 discovered an Everest Basecamp, learnt all about mountain ranges from across the World and learnt all about map skills during P.E. The variety of work covered enabled the children to research and develop various presentation skills. The children were very inquisitive and asked some amazing questions.

Parents' afternoon
On Wednesday 12th October the parents of Year 4 were invited to come into school to help the children create mountain scenes by making dioramas. The challenge was to create an exciting visual scene to give the children inspiration in their writing.
Lots of parents got involved and mountains of cardboard and other exciting materials were brought into school. Very quickly both parents and the children designed and then made their dioramas in just one afternoon with some amazing results.




Year 4 Newsletter - 30th August 2016 to 14th October 2016