AUTUMN 2 - 23rd October to 20th December 2017


Y3 Newsetter (Aut 2) Predator >

Year 3’s topic Predator began with an amazing memorable experience when Alistair visited with his birds of prey. We saw three different types of birds of prey- kestrels, owls and falcons- and were even able to hold one of the birds!

We took turns standing at the front with a glove on our left hand. Then Alistair took some food out of his bag and called the bird’s name. The bird flew and landed on our hand, it felt heavy and it gripped very tightly. It was really exciting holding the birds, especially when they flew really quickly towards us.

The funniest moment was when Squeak, the barn owl, was taken out of her box and she did a huge poo on the floor- it smelt horrible. Then Squeak dropped a pellet on the floor, Alistair showed it to us and explained that it was the bones and fur from yesterday’s meals. We dissected the pellet in a science lesson and observed what we saw.

In our English lessons we have loved reading Phillip Pullman’s ‘I was a rat’. We read about Roger suddenly becoming human and meeting Bob and Joan and followed him as he visited the City Hall, hospital, police station, school, Philosopher Royal and eventually into the hands of the cunning Mr Tapscrew. We created dramas to show how cunning Mr Tapscrew is and wrote diaries explaining how Roger felt.

We finished the term by inviting parents into school to help sew our initials into a bookmark.