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Year 3 Learning: Mighty Metals - Summer Term (2nd Half)


Wow Moment:
At Trinity Park, the Year 3 children looked at forces in motion on the playground equipment. They described the contact forces, pushes, pulls and gravity for the climbing wall, spider’s web, the swings and the slide.
There other activity was to test the different metals on the playground equipment with a bar magnet and to see which repel and attract.
In groups, they used cameras to take photos of each other demonstrating a force in motion. In computing, they downloaded them and added a written explanation.

Curriculum Enrichment Activity:
Under strict guidance and supervision, the children constructed an iron man robot using wood and cardboard. Their problem solving activity was to piece together the body using the cardboard construction kit. They planned and measured the length of the arms and legs and sawed to those exact measurements. Both teachers were impressed with the children’s sawing abilities. We could tell that they must do a lot at home! Finally, they added additional features and painted their robot. They enjoyed reading about the iron man and how he had a great iron head as big as a bedroom and eyes like headlamps.

English- The Krindlekrax
All of the children absolutely loved this book. Ruskin, a weak boy with arms like twigs, glasses as thick as saucers and a squeaky voice, was jeered at after he trailed for the role of ‘hero’ in the school play. The role was given to Elvis, the bully. After amazing discoveries (some very close to home), Ruskin discovers how a baby crocodile escaped from the zoo, got in to the street sewer and became a gigantic creature ten years later. The repetitive phrases, humour, empathy, friendships and morals within the plot were truly outstanding and the children could not wait to read the end. They cheered loudly when they knew that measly Ruskin did tame the almighty Krindlekrax, save Lizard Street and stand up to the bully. The children understand that hero characteristics come in all forms e.g. mental strength, planning for a disaster and courage. Superheroes are not the only heroes. This concept was linked to RE as Jesus was a superhero even though he wasn’t muscular. Written activities related to this concept included writing about how to feel 6ft tall at school, characteristics of heroes, predictions and a non-fiction report about crocodiles.




Year 3 Newsletter - Summer Term (2nd Half)


Year 3 Learning: Scrumdiddlyumptious - Summer Term (1st Half)

Scrum_newspic.jpgMemorable experience:
The Year 3 children had a culinary delight when Chef Bruno taught them how to prepare a salad. In groups, they planned tastes that would complement one another, design colours from different foods to look appetising and appearance of the final design. Two groups from each class were chosen as the winners of Blaby Stokes Masterchef competition and had a cook off.

Curriculum enrichment activities:
In one of our topic lessons, the children got to taste different types of bread. They used their senses to describe the texture and taste. Here are some descriptions: peppery, incredibly spicy, chewy, rough, soft and able to mould, has holes like a sponge, light and fluffy, crusty, greasy, crumbly and stale. The children loved the cheesy bread but the Jalapeno Pepper bread was apparently the spiciest bread in the WORLD!

The children created a block print made from polystyrene of a piece of fruit. They explored other artists’ work so they could use the basic principle of printing which is to create simple designs.
The children also loved sketching with artists’ pencils creating different tones and textures.

As a link to our English, they wrote a non-fiction report about James Lind, a Scottish Scientist. They were enthralled about the result of his investigation which highlighted that Vitamin C cured scurvy in sailors.

Sharing learning with parents and carers:
Parents joined us for a fun afternoon of Science and Music. With their child, they made a healthy balanced plate ensuring that the right amount was used from each food group. The children showcased their musical talents by performing the song ‘Food, Glorious Food!’



Year 3 Newsletter - Summer Term (1st Half)

Year 3 Learning: Tribal Tales - Spring Term (2nd Half)


This half term we have been learning about medieval castles, amazing structures and deep tunnels.

Archaeological dig: Memorable Experience
With wellies on, trowels in hand and objects ready, we started digging in the corner of the school fields. Why? We wanted to experience life as an archaeologist. The children buried different types of materials like coins, potato peelings and plastic. We will hopefully dig it up soon and see if our predictions about the changes in colour will be accurate. We asked the children to talk about their favourite part of an archaeologist’s job. A variety of answers included the research aspect, the element of surprise when first discovering an artefact,

Curriculum enrichment activities
Stone Age tools: The children learnt about how tools developed throughout the three stages of the Stone Age. They liked how tools became sharper and more efficient for hunting purposes. Most of the children would have preferred to live in the Neolithic period because the tools were sharper and used for agriculture.

Iron Age jewellery:
The children looked at images of jewellery from the Stone Age and the Iron Age and saw how it had progressed. In the Stone Age they used teeth, bone and shells where as it became more sophisticated later on with them using complex designs and geometric patterns for brooches and necklaces. The children enjoyed learning about the significance of the jewellery- a woman could not wear jewellery until she was married and they wore the best to be ‘top dog’!

Sharing with parents/carers:
It was fun getting ready for our Year 3 Tribal Tales exhibition. They took great delight in making their axes, writing exhibition cards and preparing to become museum curators.




Year 3 Newsletter - Spring Term (2nd Half)

Year 3 Learning: Tremors - Spring Term (1st Half)


Memorable experience
Our topic on ‘Tremors’ started with making the three different types of rock using chocolate! We used grated chocolate and the heat and pressure from our hands to learn about how sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks are formed. This exciting start to our topic was followed up with a visit from the geologist ‘Bob King’ he taught us about how the Earths internal structure is like an apple. We also learnt how to identify and sort rocks by carefully observing them.

Curriculum enrichment activities
This term Year 3 really focused on understanding the structure of the Earth, in groups we made the Earth out of tissue paper – making sure we had all of the main parts of the structure, like the core, mantle and crust. From this we wrote information texts about the structure of the Earth. Also we developed our scientific thinking skills by developing our knowledge of how to plan an enquiry. As groups we developed an enquiry question about what we could investigate about different types of rock and then came up with how we could make our enquiry fair. In our English and topic lessons we learnt about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. Using drama, we acted out the moment the volcano exploded, then from this we wrote diary entries to show how we would have felt if we had been in that devastating volcano.
In music we listened to a volcanic eruption and used instruments to create our own interpretation of an eruption. We developed our own score using signs and symbols and then performed them to the rest of the class.
Also we looked at the art work of Andy Goldworth – we used rocks to create our interpretation of nature.

Sharing with parents / carers
To end our topic on volcanoes with a BANG we applied our knowledge of volcanoes and what the structure is like by using mod-roc to create our very own volcanoes. Then in an assembly we shared with our parents all of our fantastic knowledge about rocks and volcanoes, after the assembly we exploded our volcanoes.



Year 3 Newsletter - Spring Term (1st Half)

Year 3 Learning: Predator - Autumn Term (2nd Half)


Memorable experience:
The children enjoyed a bird of prey experience from Alistair. They saw and handled different birds of prey and gained first-hand knowledge about them such as different wing spans, speed of their flight and different types of prey. From this, the children wrote a fact file about their bird of prey and investigated their wingspan in comparison to a bird of prey’s wingspan.

Ultimate Predator:
First of all, the children looked at foodchains and the order within them. Children sorted animals in to predators and prey. Our fiction topic related to a predator and a prey. Max, the Hodegeheg, was the prey who had to survive in the outside world. The children took him to a place with a predator e.g. Twycross zoo or Blaby Stokes school, as there is an owl on the school badge.

The children really enjoyed taking deadly features from different predators and combining them to create the Ultimate Predator. They drew and labelled the diagram explaining the features of their creature and what made it so deadly. They could combine predators on land with aquatic predators. Some of the names were interesting. From this, they wrote a non-fiction report and created their own Ultimate Predator calendar.

The predator work was shared with parents with them both making a predator collage for the character and setting. They thought about the features that a predator needs to make it as deadly as possible in order to survive and be at the top of the food chain. Many terrifying predators were created so be aware!


Predator Parents' Afternoon:

To finish off the topic, the parents were invited to join the children in createing their ultimate predator! They sketched it on to fabric and then painted it using fabric paints.





Year 3 Newsletter - Autumn Term (2nd Half)

Year 3 Learning: Urban Pioneers - Autumn Term (1st Half)


The Year 3 children have been learning about landmarks within Leicester City Centre and incorporating them into their adventure stories. Filbert the Fox has been exploring a landmark of their choosing at night-time. However, he encompasses a problem within the landmark that needs solving e.g. taking off in the rocket in the Space Centre. Read about how Filbert makes it back down to earth. But where does he end up?

Exploring atlases and maps has been a hit with the children. They now know that their school is located within Blaby District and in the county South Leicestershire. We moved onto locating Leicestershire within the East Midlands (region) and eventually identifying Leicestershire within the U.K. The children found it difficult to differentiate county from country!

Beaumanor Hall:
We are very proud of how all of the children embraced the activities and experience of school camp. They were encouraged to climb, run, hide, seek, cooperate and build to the best of their abilities. This experience promoted life skills so they washed up, tidied their beds, organised their belongings and decided what to wear each day. We also encouraged and promoted skills necessary for around the dinner table.




Year 3 Newsletter - 30th August 2016 to 14th October 2016