Blaby Stokes Year 2 Learning

Autumn 1 - 29th August to 13th October 2017

Click the link below to find what the children in Year 2 will be learning this half term. Their first topic is called Wriggle and Crawl


Y2 Curriculum letter Autumn 1: Wriggle & Crawl >

Wow what an exploratory half term we have had. The topic started with a mini-beast hunt. The children explored the school grounds looking for different mini-beasts. We found different mini-beasts from slimy orange slugs to a colony of ants under a rock. They looked carefully at where they found the mini-beasts and looked at this information as micro-habitats. After the hunt, the children worked as a group to create bug artwork pieces.

Within the topic the children carried out an investigation to find out which habitat material worms like the best. The children worked in groups to complete each part of the investigation, starting with collecting the different materials and worms from outside. What wriggly creatures worms are! The children put the four different materials in a tray with the worms in the middle and then waited to see where most of the worms were. The children enjoyed watching the worms and seeing which micro-habitat was their favourite.

To round up the topic we looked and sorted objects into groups of living, dead and never alive. The children worked in pairs searching for different things within the school grounds. The children had to think about what it means to be living. We started to look at different materials and thought about, what the material is made from, where it comes from and whether it is alive, has been alive or has never been alive. This generated fascinating discussions and questions in the class.

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