AUTUMN 2 - 23rd October to 20th December 2017

Muck, Mess and Mixtures

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What a busy term in year 2 for our topic of ‘Muck, Mess and Mixtures’. It has been packed full of fun and mess with us exploring lots of art and design activities and science investigations.

What a fun afternoon we had when we were joined by parents and grandparents for a messy art afternoon, where the children enjoyed completing different messy art activities with their grown up. The coloured gloop was a hit… it was extremely good fun to play with, letting it run through your fingers and then squeezing it back into ball.

One of the science activities that the children really enjoyed in this topic was the investigation ‘Do all liquids mix with water?’ The children were interested in and fascinated by the test tubes, thinking they looked like potion bottles. The children carried out the experiment in groups, adding different liquids to water to see if they mixed together. They recorded their results and then wrote a conclusion to discuss their findings.

The children also got to create their own volcano eruptions which were very exciting to watch. They worked together adding the different parts and then watched the mixture erupt. The children then wrote the instructions of how to create the volcano eruption, for the book character ‘Beegu’ so that she could take the experiment back to her planet.