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Year 2 Learning: Land Ahoy! - Summer (2nd Half)


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Land Ahoy Assembly >

Year 2 Newsletter - Summer Term (2nd Half)


Year 2 Learning: Scented Garden - Summer Term (1st Half)


This half term the children have been learning about different plant species and investigating how all our sense help us every day. We began the topic by looking closely at the parts of a plant. We made careful observations of all the trees and bushes within the school grounds. The children also learnt about how different plants in different environments such as Rainforest and Deserts adapt to the conditions for survival.

We then used our senses to smell, feel and taste a variety of herbs such as coriander, thyme, basil, chives and rosemary. The children enjoyed experiencing new tastes! The herbs were then used to scent playdough. We really enjoyed making weird and wonderful scent combinations!

In History, we learnt about Helen Keller and how she adapted to everyday life with only her sense of touch and smell.

In Art, we looked at famous artists and their representations of plants and flowers. We became artists by sketching various cacti and herbs and experimented with water colours to create bright colourful paintings.

To round up the topic we made scented biscuits using fresh lemons and oranges. The biscuits were delicious!



Year 2 Newsletter - Summer Term (1st Half)

Year 2 Learning: Towers, Tunnels & Turrets - Spring Term (2nd Half)


This half term we have been learning about medieval castles, amazing structures and deep tunnels.

For out engage week Year 2 were preparing for battle! We built out amour using card, tinfoil and lots of cello tape for added strength! The children then discussed battle tactics and planned their attack on Stokes Castle! The battle was epic! The castle was defended with bravery and determination. The children really immersed themselves in the battle with true courage and grit! It was an inspiring experience which helped kick start our new topic. (You can see the battle footage on the screen in the playground!)They children then went on to learn about the various roles within a medieval castle and castle life has a whole.
In our Geography lesson, Year 2 travelled the globe in search of amazing structures. We used the ipads to locate famous landmarks and learnt about our oceans and continents. Along the way, we learnt about the famous engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. His work fascinated and inspired the children to become engineers themselves! In science we tested the strength of everyday materials by building a bridge using only 4 sheets of newspaper and building a tall structure using spaghetti and marshmallows! We had a few wobbly designs however the children preserved and used their problem solving skills to improve their designs and make them more stable.

For our memorable experience, we visited Rockingham Castle. The children had a brilliant day learning about the history and stories of Rockingham. We had the opportunity sit by the fire in the great hall, try on medieval helmets and climb to the top of the tower! The view was breath taking! We also visited the church and explored the beautiful gardens. We were all amazed by the ‘elephant’ hedge! The children asked lots of intelligent questions and were fully engaged in all the activities. We all had a lovely day it was a great way to round of our topic!



Year 2 Newsletter - Spring Term (2nd Half)

Year 2 Learning: Street Detectives - Spring Term (1st Half)


We began the topic by gathering information about our local area. To help us research, we looked at old photographs of Blaby Stokes. The photographs were over 50 years old and we noticed some parts of the school had changed! After that, we interviewed Mrs Philips and asked her questions about how Blaby has changed over time. We found out that Blaby once used to be Tomato fields!
In History we explored how events and objects have changed over time. We compared a Victorian home and modern home created a Toy timeline and spotted the difference in transport. It was interesting to learn about what life was like without electricity!
The children then went on to explore the materials used to build houses and toys. We looked that the difference between natural and man-made materials and investigated their durability in our Three Little Pigs Challenge. We worked in groups and made houses from paper, sticks, straws, plastic and Lego bricks. They had to be windproof and water proof. We found that all the houses were windproof, however not all were waterproof.

Finally, in Geography we looked at map of our local area. We researched various street signs and identified map symbols. This helped the children spot signs and street furniture during our walk around Blaby Village. On our walk we could also recognise different types of house and think about when they were built. To round up our topic, the children have thought about how our local environment can be improved and gathered ideas for shoebox dioramas. The Year 2 parents were invited to help the children recreate and improve or local area. We had some fantastic creations!





Year 2 Newsletter - Spring Term (1st Half)

Year 2 Learning: Muck Mess & Mixtures - Autumn Term (2nd Half)

Year 2 held a wonderful ‘Muck, Mess and Mixtures’ afternoon, children and parents used a range of materials and tools to create brilliant pieces of art. They used their imagination and skills to create unique works of art with the children. Evie said ‘’the ‘fairy mud’ felt like warm porridge’’. The shaving cream and marbling ink worked its magic and produced 3D sculptures. Everyone left with a smile on their faces (and quite a lot of paint and glitter!)

In Science we used test tubes and carried out a ‘fair test’ experiment to investigate which liquids mixed with water. We found that oil was the lightest liquid as it floated to the top of the water. We also discovered that paint was the heaviest liquid as it sank to the bottom of the water over time. The children enjoyed being mini scientist, using the correct equipment and finding out for themselves what happened when liquids and water were mixed together.

The children have really been captive by the practical aspects of this topic and this has helped stimulate their writing and the results have been fantastic. In the children’s end of topic review was positive and they highly recommended that it should be taught in Year 2 again next year.



Year 2 Newsletter - Autumn Term (2nd Half)

Year 2 Learning: Bounce - Autumn Term (1st Half)

The children have really enjoyed the learning this half term! We have had opportunities to become scientist, artists and historians!

To begin with, the children became scientists and investigated what makes a bouncy castle so bouncy! We predicted that “the rubber of the bouncy castle floor make us bounce more.” We then tested our theory by bouncing on the bouncy castle in different ways and observed how our bodies move. We found that the bouncy castle is like a giant air bubble! We noticed that “when you jump the air squashes down and it can’t hold it down and it pushes you up like a spring!” The children had a fantastic day and this memorable experience really helped jump-start their imaginative learning project!

We also investigated how bubbles are formed, what they look like and why they fly away. The children made their own bubble wands and tested to see whether they could create different shaped bubbles!

We then learnt about the importance of exercise and thought about how exercise affects our bodies. We created our own exercise routines and observed the changes in our bodies. We found out that exercise makes our skin hot and sweaty and our heart beat faster. In History, the children were learning about famous sporting heroes and they created a fact file about the legendry footballer, Péle. It was fascinating to learn about his childhood and pathway to success.


Year 2 Newsletter - 30th August 2016 to 14th October 2016