SPRING 1 - 9th January to 9th February 2018

Moon Zoom

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Memorable Experience:

Year 1 had a very exciting start to their Moon Zoom topic! Freya Snow from Story-Imaginory led a reading workshop, bringing the story of ‘The Loon on The Moon’, to life. All of Year 1 were transported into space through a range of activities. These included singing songs, making aliens out of moon dough, finding out about the different phases of the moon and spending time in a moon themed sensory tent. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and it has really helped to fuel their curiosity throughout our Moon Zoom topic.

Topic Overview:

Our Year 1 Space Explorers had been busy during the Christmas holidays finding out about a planet in our Solar System. Upon returning to the classroom they shared their findings with their friends, and extended their planet knowledge using songs. The children learnt about the history of space travel and were all fascinated to find out about the animals that had been to space; Albert II the monkey and Laika the Russian space dog.

After hearing the inspiration stories of Jose M. Hernandez and Chris Hadfield, who both achieved their childhood dream of being an astronaut, the children thought of a goal they would like to achieve. We heard that some children wanted to be vets, work in the police force or be famous footballers. Others wanted to be better at swimming, dancing, painting or writing. It was great to hear so many children saying how important it is to work hard at school, to help them achieve their goal.

The children particularly enjoyed taking part in a science experiment involving balloon powered rockets. The children considered what they needed to do to make sure our science experiment was fair, and it was agreed that we would test our theory; the bigger the balloon, the further the rocket would travel. The children were surprised to discover that the medium sized balloons travelled the furthest.

Our learning within topic has also been applied to our literacy lessons. The children have been extending their writing skills and have combined this with their space knowledge, to write their own space themed story.

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