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Year 1 Learning: Dinosaur Planet - Summer (2nd Half)


The children have had a fantastic term finding out about dinosaurs. We have been immersed in stories, songs and play linked to our topic. In mathematics we made bar charts to show our favourite dinosaurs and we talked about the shape and size of a selection of dinosaurs whilst putting them into size order.

As a special treat we went to meet the dinosaur experts at the New Walk Museum. The children attended a workshop where they were lucky enough to handle fossils, dinosaur teeth and much more. They completed tasks and games which helped them to find out dinosaur facts.

At the end of term the children had the best of surprises. They had a visit from Sophie the Dinosaur and Jack the baby dinosaur. The children were so excited and it was an experience they will remember for a long time.




Year 1 Newsletter - Summer Term (2nd Half)


Year 1 Learning: Enchanted Woodland - Summer Term (1st Half)


The children have been very busy outside of the classroom this term as we welcomed back Sarah Freer our local Forest School expert. The children had spoken with our current Year 2 classes who had given them a sneak preview of what to expect...and they weren’t disappointed!

So far the children have been on a bear hunt, a mini-beast hunt, a tree investigation, made tree Bogart’s from clay and have been finding out all about animal habitats. During the last session they practised the art of whittling and were very proud to come back to class and show the teachers what they had made.

Thank you to our parent volunteers who have come back each week to offer the children extra support during these sessions.

Don’t worry Year’s not over yet. Sarah will be back next term to run 2 final sessions. The campfires! So get ready for an action packed adventure in our fantastic school grounds. Marshmallows are included.




Year 1 Newsletter - Summer Term (1st Half)

Year 1 Learning: Splendid Skies - Spring Term (2nd Half)


Memorable experience
Our Year 1 Splendid Skies topic started with the children learning about the different seasons we experience in the UK and why our seasons change. The children took part in a seasonal walk around the school grounds and were pleased to find buds starting to appear on some trees and bushes meaning that spring was on its way. As the children shared with their peers the photographs of themselves in different seasons, we thought about the different weather we experience and the best type of clothing to wear and why.
The children really enjoyed taking part in a role play activity in which they became weather presenters warning that Storm Doris was on its way!

Curriculum enrichment activities
We then found out about different types of weather. The children learnt about The Water Cycle which explained to them how rain is created. We re-created rain using water and sponges, this showed the children how the rain (water) falls when clouds (the sponge) becomes too heavy. We also used utensils such as jugs and sieves to create drizzle, rain showers and heavy rain. The children also learnt about the life of Sir Francis Beaufort and the Beaufort Scale he developed to measure the wind, as well as what causes thunder and lightning.
The children enjoyed finding out about the history of flight which explained how air travel had evolved from hot air balloons, to airships through to the many commercial flights of today.
After learning about what makes aeroplanes fly, the children carried out a Science experiment to find out the best material to use to make a paper aeroplane. Although many children thought the aeroplanes made out of the lightest paper would fly best, we soon found this was not the case as they broke easily. Instead we found those aeroplanes made out of the thicker and heavier paper flew the best, perhaps because the air got under these.

Sharing with parents / carers
The children’s favourite part of this topic was inviting their parents / carers into school to help them to design and make a kite. Once the kites had been made we went outside to see if they would fly. Some children (and parents) were pleased to find that their kite did fly. Thank you to all of you who attended this activity.
Back in our classrooms we thought about why our kites had / had not flew and what we would do differently next time to make our kites even better.


Year 1 Newsletter - Spring Term (2nd Half)

Year 1 Learning: Moon Zoom - Spring (1st Half)


Memorable experience
Our Year 1 Moon Zoom topic started with our space explorers sharing their homework with their class. During the Christmas holidays the children had been tasked with finding out about one of the planets in our Solar System. We were really interested to find out why they had chosen that particular planet and what they had found out. The children then extended their knowledge of the planets through songs.
Next the children thought about what it would be like if an alien visited their classroom and what they would ask the alien.

Curriculum enrichment activities
We then moved on to find out about the history of space travel. The children were really interested to find out about the animals that had been to space, Albert II the monkey and Laika the Russian space dog, as well as watching footage of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. We also talked about gravity and why Neil Armstrong walked so funny on the moon!
After helping to retell the life story of Jose M. Hernandez and how he achieved his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut, the children thought about a goal they would like to achieve. We found we have some children who want to be vets, nurses or famous footballers. Others want to be better swimmers or footballers. The children also started to think about what they would need to do to achieve their goal. We were pleased to hear so many children talking about how important it is to work hard at school.
Lastly the children really enjoyed taking part in a Science experiment as they made and tested balloon powered rockets. The children were surprised to find that the balloons which had been blown up really big did not work as well as those balloons which were smaller. The children also considered what they needed to do to make sure the Science experiment was fair.




Year 1 Newsletter - Spring Term (1st Half)

Year 1 Learning: Bright Lights, Big City - Autumn Term (2nd Half)


Over the October half term children were asked to find out about a London landmark or icon and present their findings back to the class. We were so pleased to see a large range of writing, sculptures, paintings and mood boards which the children used to put their knowledge across to the rest of their classmates. The children enjoyed presenting their work and asking other children questions about their research.

Next we moved onto geography and the children spent time looking at maps of London, the London Underground and maps of individual tourist attractions such as the London Zoo. This allowed children the opportunity to use directional language as they talked their partner from one area to another.

The highlight of this topic was our Queen’s tea party. The children made party decorations and prepared food for over 100 people. As well as putting on a good spread the children also provided entertainment. With the help of Mr Wood on guitar the pupils sang: London Bridge is falling down, London’s Burning and God Save the Queen. The children were very excited to get a visit from the Queen (otherwise known as Mrs Kallquist) and enjoyed the opportunity to roleplay.

Thank you to all of the families that attended. It was a pleasure to read your fantastic comments...

Lovely jolly afternoon.

A wonderful, fun filled afternoon!

Lovely food and singing.

Really enjoyable afternoon. Glad the Queen turned up!!



Year 1 Newsletter - Autumn Term (2nd Half)

Year 1 Learning: Paws, Claws & Whiskers - Autumn Term (1st Half)

The children in Year 1 have made a fantastic job of settling back into school life. The children had spent time over the summer making memory boxes to share with their new class. We really enjoyed looking at your treasures and photographs and finding out all about you and your families.

We kick started our topic by sorting toy animals into groups. The children had lots of ideas of how to sort them including into herbivores and carnivores, predators, animals with horns and finally reptiles, birds, mammals, amphibians and fish.

The children took part in a butterfly hunt in our fantastic school grounds to help them understand the importance of camouflage. They concluded that the bright coloured butterflies were much easier to find whereas the green and brown butterflies blended into the trees, grass and dirt.

Towards the end of our topic we attended a ‘Caring for Animals’ workshop at Hatton Farm Park. We were able to meet lots of animals and even got to feed and stroke them. We took part in a falconry session where audience participation was a must! Check out our pictures below. After a final ride around the farm on a bumpy tractor the children were ready for home and after all of that fresh air...ready for bed.



Year 1 Newsletter - 30th August to 14th October 2016