Blaby Stokes Foundation Stage Learning

Autumn 1 - 29th August to 13th October 2017

Click the link below to find what the children in the Early Years Foundation Stage will be learning this half term. Their first topic is called Do You Want To Be Friends?

FS Curriculum letter Autumn 1: Do You Want To Be Friends? >


Our new Foundation Stage children have settled very well into school life and have naturally enjoyed our topic as part of starting school and beginning a new chapter in their learning journey. They have had plenty of opportunities to make new friends and have been doing lots of talking about what makes a good friend. The children enjoyed having a Jelly Baby friend and using it to demonstrate what friendship looks like. Some children took their Jelly Baby to play in the willow, or they built a model for them in the construction. Others showed that friends can hug, chat or play tig. Within our topic, we have also been thinking about Special People and the children walked around school to meet the special people who work at Blaby Stokes. They used ipads to take photos of these people. To end our topic, the children all made a salt dough heart, which they shaped, embossed and painted and took home to give to someone special.
In our last week of the half term, we explored the autumn changes we could see in our amazing outdoor space. The children listened to ‘The Happy Hedgehog Band’, then completed a carousel of activities. These included

  • being nature detectives on an autumn walk and finding the clues that autumn has arrived
  • colour catching – finding autumn treasures that match the shades of colours on colour catching cards
  • making rhythms (from ‘The Happy Hedgehog Band’) using natural objects
  • transient art with autumn treasures
  • painting a tree and printing autumn leaves