AUTUMN 2 - 23rd October to 20th December 2017

Why we can't eat chocolate for Breakfast?

FS Newsetter (Aut 2) Why Can't I Have Chocolate for Breakfast? >

What a busy half term it’s been! Our new topic started with us being scientists for a day. Our task was to paint with chocolate. We found that this was very difficult and had to think of a way to solve our problem. Some ‘scientists’ correctly predicted that if the chocolate bar was melted, then we would be able to paint with the runny chocolate, because it would be a liquid, not a solid. We loved painting a picture with the chocolate, but even better was eating our picture. YUM! We also tasted different chocolate bars and talked about which ones we preferred and why.

Christine at Waitrose kindly showed us around the store and we learnt about what healthy eating means and what constitutes a healthy diet. We loved going into the fridge and the freezer, although it was very, very cold!

We have also been artists this half term. We learnt about the famous artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo and created our own transient art in his style. What do you think?

We have learnt lots this half term, including about the different food groups and how to pack a healthy lunchbox. We also have a better understanding of what keeps us healthy (as well as fruit and veg).

Most importantly this half term, we have been learning our songs for our nativity. We are very excited about performing ‘The Bossy King’ to our families.

Phew! We’ve been so busy, we can’t wait for a big rest over the Christmas holidays.