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FS Learning: Why is Water Wet? - Summer Term (2nd Half)


We started off the topic exploring water and thinking about what water is used for. The children thought about how we use water to keep ourselves healthy. We even had a visit from the school nurses to talk to use and show us how to wash our hands and clean our teeth properly.

One of the activities we enjoyed in this topic is learning a routine for a ‘water dance’. A big thank you to Mrs Ball who gave up her time to come in and teach us some different dance moves to put together to create a wonderful routine. We even got to have a go at moving the ribbons like they were rain and waves.

We finished the topic by having a seaside afternoon, where we invited parents/grandparents to join us for an afternoon of playing some beach games and doing seaside crafts. Luckily, we were fortunate with the weather and the rain held off so we could enjoy our afternoon. Both the children and adults enjoyed a special visit from the ice cream van. With ice creamy mouths and blue tongues, we rounded off the topic by singing some seaside songs together including the old favourite ‘Oh we do like to be beside the seaside.’




Foundation Stage Newsletter - Summer Term (2nd Half)


FS Learning: Are Eggs Alive? - Summer Term (1st Half)


Another exciting half term in foundation stage learning about eggs and animals. We started the topic off by looking at and exploring different types of eggs, including goose and ostrich.

During the topic we learnt about the lifecycles of butterflies and frogs and have been watching the transformation of caterpillars into butterflies and tadpoles into froglets. The children have enjoyed noticing the changes that happened. The children even created their own frog lifecycle by finger printing the different stages of the cycle using paint. The children were really excited to let the butterflies go and watch them fly off into the sky.

This topic has provided the children with different opportunities to create some lovely pieces of artwork. Some children have painted detailed pictures of their favourite animal, while others have created a picture based on the story ‘Giraffe’s can’t dance’.

We ended the topic with a visit to Twycross Zoo where we learnt about different types of animal including mammals, insects and reptiles and the differences between them. After the zoo keeper led talk in the morning, the children enjoyed identifying the different types of animal as they visited the other animals in the afternoon.



Foundation Stage Newsletter - Summer Term (1st Half)

FS Learning: How Does That Building Stay Up? - Spring Term (2nd Half)


Phew! What a busy half term it’s been!
A half term of generally more sunshine than showers has meant that we have been able to use our large outdoor area much more and the children have loved using our new wooden building bricks in our 3 Little Pigs Building Site to construct a range of interesting houses. They have also worked on their personal and social skills, learning to share and take turns on our new chariot!
We have been scientists and built houses of straw, sticks and bricks to test which house could withstand the huffs and puffs of the Big Bad Wolf. We have worked on our skills of prediction and reasoning and offering explanations.
The children have learnt about famous buildings around the world and looked at the different structures and materials that help them to stay up. We have learnt names of different materials and sorted them according to whether they are natural or man-made.
During Book Week, we were invited to visit Blaby Library and the children enjoyed listening to the story of the 3 Little Pigs, as well as exploring the children’s section of the library. It was great to see all the children so enthusiastic about books and reading!
Our final week of this half term has focussed on Spring. We visited Bouskell Park where we were nature detectives, looking for signs of Spring and photographing them on the ipads.




Foundation Stage Newsletter - Spring Term (2nd Half)

FS Learning: Did Dragons Exist? - Spring Term (1st Half)


WOW what an interesting and exciting half term we have had in Foundation stage looking for dragons. Our half term started by finding mysterious footprints in the hall and a scaly egg in our outdoor area. It was very exciting to look for other clues as to what creature had been in the school. We then had a discussion about the egg and what creature the egg could belong to. The children had some good ideas and tried to give reasons for their ideas. From the discussions, one of the ideas was that a dragon had left the egg.


We had a go at making dragon pictures. We used different media to create our pictures, thinking carefully about the different features of a dragon e.g. scales, spines, a, tail, breathing fire and colours.

Another activity was looking at castles and the different parts of a castle. We had a good discussion about how the castle was similar and different to our own homes. We then created our own castle pictures by drawing the outline and then printing the stones using the bricks. The children also had a go at building their own castles using different blocks and bricks.


It was nice to see many parents join us on Thursday the 9th to see the work we had been doing. It was good to see both parents and the children enjoying sharing their child’s learning journey with each other.  The children enjoyed talking about their learning and what they have been doing. 



Foundation Stage Newsletter - Spring Term (1st Half)

FS Learning: Why Can't I Have Chocolate for Breakfast? - Autumn Term (2nd Half)


What a busy half term it’s been in Foundation Stage! We started our new topic with a Chocolate WOW day. This involved tasting a range of chocolates; dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate orange and mint chocolate. The children described the taste of each type of chocolate and then decided whether they liked it or not. Meanwhile others attempted to paint with chocolate. They quickly realised that this was an impossible task and began to think scientifically about ways to change the state of the chocolate. We had some interesting discussions about solids, liquids and ways to melt the chocolate. Once the chocolate was melted the children enjoyed painting with the runny yummy liquid and then ate their artwork.

We have had lots of interesting discussions about why we can’t eat lots of chocolate and we have spent time talking about a healthy diet. We have learnt about vegetables, where they grow and which parts of the plant we eat. We enjoyed being artists and created work in the style of the famous painter Guiseppe Archimbaldo.

We shared the story Handa’s Surprise and tasted some of the exotic fruits in her basket, as well as a few others. The children used knives to cut the fruit and create their own fruit salad. What an impressive appetite for fruit we have in our Foundation Stage.

Sequins, glitter and glue were the order of the afternoon on Friday 9th December – our Christmas craft afternoon. Much fun was had by all, including mums, dads, grandmas and grandads.

Of course the latter few weeks of this half term have been dedicated to our nativity, Mary’s Knitting. We are very proud of how well the children have eagerly practised their songs and words and remembered when and where to stand and sit. We’re sure there will be a few tears when we perform to parents.



Foundation Stage Newsletter - Autumn Term (2nd Half)

FS Learning: Do You Want To Be Friends? / Why Do Leaves Go Crispy? - Autumn Term (1st Half)


Our new Foundation Stage children have settled very well into school life and have naturally enjoyed our topic as part of starting school and beginning a new chapter in their learning journey. They have had plenty of opportunities to make new friends and have been doing lots of talking about what makes a good friend. The children enjoyed having a Jelly Baby friend and using it to demonstrate what friendship looks like. Some children took their Jelly Baby to look at a book, or they built a model for them in the construction. Others showed that friends can hug, chat or play tig. Within our topic, we have also been thinking about Special People and the children walked around school to meet the special people who work at Blaby Stokes. They used iPads to take photos of these people. To end our topic, the children all made a salt dough heart, which they shaped, embossed and painted and took home to give to someone special.

In our last week of the half term, we explored the autumn changes we could see in our amazing outdoor space. The children listened to ‘The Happy Hedgehog Band’, then completed a carousel of activities. These included:
• being nature detectives on an autumn walk and finding the clues that autumn has arrived
• colour catching – finding autumn treasures that match the shades of colours on colour catching cards
• making rhythms (from ‘The Happy Hedgehog Band’) using natural objects
• transient art with autumn treasures
• painting a tree and printing autumn leaves



Foundation Stage Newsletter - 30th August 2016 to 14th October 2016